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Let’s make storing your things as simple and stress-free as possible…

With us, you can now do everything instantly online using our new quote and booking form. That means no more waiting around for someone to get back to you with a price or making uncertain reservations. Simply select your room choices, apply any discounts available to you and, when you’re happy with what you see, book instantly! All you need is a credit or debit card to secure your room.

Alternatively, you can get help choosing a room or book by calling 0800 035 7090 or contacting any of our store locations directly.

When you’re ready to move in, bring the relevant identification with you and the room is yours!

And don’t worry… however you book, if you find the room isn’t right for you when you arrive or your needs change further down the line, we can alter your booking at any time to ensure you have the perfect space.

There are no hidden charges – you can rest assured that you won’t have deposits to pay, additional access charges or long-term contracts to sign.

If you are thinking of a long stay with us however, why not take advantage of our prepay options? Use the booking form to select 6 months (5% discount) or 12 months (10% discount) – or speak to us for deals on longer stays.

We like to actively support our community and do so primarily by offering a 10% concession discount to the following (these are also available to select online);

  • Ambulance Services
  • Armed Forces
  • Fire Brigades
  • NHS Staff
  • NUS Students
  • Police Forces

(Proof of valid ID required – simply bring it along when moving in).

And that’s not all!… Don’t forget to check out other offers available to our customers.

So finally, why might you need your own personal space?

  • You’re in between house moves
  • Renting out your home
  • Keeping furniture safe during renovations
  • Emptying out a spare room
  • Storing precious items or family heirlooms securely
  • Garden furniture in the Winter
  • Students contents between term times

And to to keep those items safe and make your move as smooth as possible, we offer a complete range of quality boxes and packing materials available to buy in-store at low prices.

We hope to welcome you soon!

Book a room

Room sizes

Dimensions: 4ft x 5ft, ceiling height approx.8ft

Equivalent to the contents of:

  • Equivalent to the contents of a small van, or
  • 35 medium boxes.
Dimensions: 5ft x 10ft, ceiling height approx. 8ft

Equivalent to the contents of:

  • Storage for a 1 bedroom house, or
  • the contents of a transit van, or
  • 100 medium boxes.
Dimensions: 10ft x 7.5ft, ceiling height approx 8ft

Equivalent to the contents of:

  • Contents of a Luton van, or
  • a 1-2 bedroom house, or
  • 170 medium boxes.
Dimensions: 10ft x 10ft, ceiling height approx 8ft

Equivalent to the contents of:

  • Contents of a small removal truck, or
  • a 2 bedroom house, or
  • 200 medium boxes.
Dimensions: 15ft x 10ft, ceiling height approx 8ft

Equivalent to the contents of:

  • Contents of a large removal van, or
  • a 3 bedroom house, or
  • 250 medium boxes.

Benefits at a glance

Clean rooms for all your belongings

Full range of packaging materials available to protect your goods

Free Access 24/7

You keep your key

Convenient free car parking

Free trolleys to off load your goods

Helpful advice to help you decide on your room size

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