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Terms of use

TSSC & Customer agreement
We agree to grant you, and you agree to accept, a licence to use and access a room identified as your storage room, on the conditions set out on the front of your Licence Agreement and shown below in the Conditions of Storage. The agreement is subject to you undertaking the conditions in the licence agreement and involve your personal responsibility and liability. We urge you to read all the conditions before making this agreement with us. Without prejudice to the importance of reading all such conditions please acknowledge that you have read the conditions that are referred to below and which are of special importance to the customer licence agreement. This licence shall not create a tenancy or lease or the relationship of landlord and tennant between you and us.

Packaging discount
The 20% discount applies to cardboard boxes, moving kits and bubble wrap, it excludes other products in our range.
The offer is redeemable without having to take storage with us.
The 20% discount can only be used against one transaction .
The offer is valid for 30 days from receipt of the ‘storage quote’.
The offer is valid for 90 days from the date of the ‘flyer’.
There is no cash alternative to this offer.
There is no cash alternative against storage payments with this offer.
The Self Storage Company reserves the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.

Conditions of storage
You will be billed every 4 weeks in advance for your storage fee.
Condition 4 – Your obligation to secure the Unit.
Condition 6 – Your ownership of the Goods stored or your authority to store the Goods.
Condition 8 – Prohibited Goods.
Condition 11 – Non exclusive possesion of the Unit and the Alternative Unit.
Condition 14, 15, 16 – Additional charges payable by You.
Condition 18 – Our lien over the Goods and our right to sell the Goods.
Condition 19 – Your obligation to check that the Unit is suitable for the Goods.
Condition 21 – It is a requirement of our self storage agreement that goods must be insured whilst in storage with us. We do not insure the Goods. This condition contains your
obligation to insure the Goods and the exclusions and limitation of our liability. IN PARTICULAR PLEASE NOTE WARRANTIES WHICH YOU ARE PROVIDING TO US INCLUDING
Condition 26 – Termination of the licenece agreement, including your requirement to give us seven days written notice of termination.
Condition 29 – Notification by You of any claims for loss or damage to the Goods.

Storage Licence Agreement
Click here to download

Conditions of insurance
You will be billed every 4 weeks in advance for the premiums to cover the insurance for the true total value that you declared on the Storage Licence Agreement.
You are insured only for Goods that are securely stored in your room as indicated on your Storage Licence Agreement.
You understand that having your Goods insured is a condition, of the Storage Licence Agreement, that you enter into an insurance contract with our insurance provider Reason Global Insurance.
Our insurers shall only be liable to settle a claim recoverable under this insurance provided that we can confirm that we have received all insurance fees due from you.
Condition 14, 15 – All claims that you make will be handled by Reason Global Insurance.
Condition 3, 4 – Total sum insured should represent a true total value, goods under insured may lead to a finacial loss.
Condition 3, 10 – You will notify us if at anytime should the sum increase or decrease whilst you store with us and subsequently pay the adjusted premium.
Conditions 11, 12, 13 – You confirm that your Goods do not contain items that are prohibited for storage identified in the Storage Licence Agreement, or excluded under the
Confirmation of Insurance Cover, unless specified by you and agreed in writing by us and our insurers.

Insurance cover details
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5% & 10% pre pay discounts
We offer 2 online prepay discounts on storage:
5% Discount if you pre pay your Storage for 6 months
10% Discount if you pre pay your Storage for 12 months
You can pre pay for storage at any point during your stay (enquire in-store).
Prepay is available for current customers with a valid Storage Licence Agreement and also New Customers at point of moving in using a New Customer Offer.
Insurance does not qualify for the pre payment discount.
If you move out prior to the end of your pre pay period your discount will be claimed back in its entirety eg less than 6 months for 5% pre pay discount or less than 12 months for 10% pre pay discount.
The Self Storage Company reserves the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.

Key Worker, Armed Forces, Emergency Services & NHS discount
This discount entitles those employed in Keyworker positions, Armed Forces, Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance and NHS an additional 10% discount off their storage rental
prior to other applicable discounts are applied.
A valid photo ID card is required to establish this criteria before this discount is given.
This discount is for storage only.
The Self Storage Company reserves the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.

Changes to your account
You must inform us in writing of any changes to your contact details, your insurance value, your authorised persons or your alternative contact details.
Only persons that have authorisation that is given by the Storage Licence Agreement holder, and we have notification of, will be alowed access to your storage area.

New customer offers
Up to 50% off first 8 weeks when pre paying. New customers only. No alterations can be made after the move in date and you cannot obtain a further 50% discount if you stay any longer. (Minimum length of stay to be eligeble for this offer is 4 weeks).

If you move out prior to the opening offer completing then all monies would be prorated after taking the new customer discount back.
The offer is only available to new customers.
The offer is only available on certain room sizes.
You must pay in advance for the duration of the offer.
The Self Storage Company reserves the right to withdraw these offers at anytime.

General Terms for Discounts & offers
You may not create fake accounts, split bookings, transfer to another name with the intention to exploit discounts or offers.

New customer offer is available again after 6 months from your last move out.

All offers and discounts may be withdrawn at the discretion of the manager.

Managers Decision is Final.


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