Christmas is a time for family, friends, presents and a well-earned rest. However, it can be difficult to get into the festive spirit when feeling disorganised or struggling for space at home. You may be wondering ‘where can I hide the kid’s presents? Was the tree that big last year? And where will Grandma stay?’ Well, fear not! At The Self Storage Company, we have the perfect solution! Take a look at these 5 reasons for using self-storage units at Christmas and the winter holidays. 

Create Space to Celebrate

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but often Christmas can feel stressful, especially when you’re hosting. Using a self-storage unit at Christmas can help you create more space to celebrate! 

Our affordable self-storage units at The Self Storage Company range in size, from 16sqft to 500sqft, and are perfect for storing furniture or seasonal items. If you’re not likely to need your bookcase over Christmas, then placing it into storage will help to make your living room feel more spacious. 

If you have seasonal items taking up space in your home, garage or outdoor shed this Christmas, then our self-storage units can also offer a seasonal storage solution and keep them safe, dry and protected from the elements. 


A Perfect Hiding Place for Presents 

Our home storage units at The Self Storage Company provide a perfect hiding place for presents. If you need to keep your purchases away from your little elves and lack hiding places around the home, or they’re just too good at finding them, then why not book a storage unit over Christmas? 

Whether you’ve got loads of boxes to hide or just a few awkwardly shaped ones, our secure home storage units will keep your presents clean, dry and safe. Discover our range of home storage units in various sizes and are available to book on a long-term or short-term basis. Self-storage customers can also choose a larger unit, and create a Christmas wrapping station!

We can also receive deliveries on your behalf, perfect for when you don’t want to risk your family members seeing their presents, or you’re not home when the delivery arrives. 

Prepare for Guests 

If you’re having family and friends stay over this Christmas, then you may need to prepare and de-clutter. If you’ve been working from home in the spare room but are now expecting guests this festive period, why not use a self-storage unit for your computer, desk and files and create a welcoming and cosy space for your guests?

Keep Decorations Safe

As well as presents, furniture and seasonal items you don’t require over the winter, such as camping equipment and outdoor garden furniture, our home self-storage units are also ideal for keeping your decorations. 

Bringing down the Christmas tree and decorations from the loft without breaking a bauble can be a challenge, and keeping decorations in the garden shed can result in mould. Our secure self-storage units will keep your Christmas decorations clean, dry and organised until next year! 

Store Seasonal Stock 

There are also some great reasons why businesses should use self-storage at Christmas. The secure business storage units at The Self Storage Company offer a great storage solution for local store owners, e-commerce businesses and other online retailers, and can be used to store seasonal stock. 

Free WiFi throughout the self-storage facility means you can process your Christmas orders, reply to emails and update your website from the convenience of your self-storage unit. We also allow 24-hour access on request, so you can work at a time that suits you. 

Christmas Storage at The Self Storage Company 

Keep Christmas stress-free with The Self Storage Company! 

Discover a range of home and business self-storage unit sizes from 16sft to 500sqft and available for use over the Christmas period and book a Christmas self-storage unit today!  

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