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Driving investment growth in self storage and flexible workplace sectors.

Flexiss drives investment growth in the self-storage and flexible workplace sectors. We are the only independent company in the UK who design, construct, and subsequently manage turnkey self storage projects.

We work with institutional funds and property owners to drive their investment growth in self-storage and flexible work spaces. We currently manage and develop over a dozen sites at various points in the business cycle, at a combined asset value of ~£175m.

Our core offer is in developing award winning 4th generation stores for our investors, complete with diverse income streams. We take pride in our stores, and all are either built brand-new or fully refurbished. We focus on transforming vacant retail space and unused land into profitable storage and business solutions. Our approach allows us to be highly competitive, and all of our sites enjoy state-of-the-art technology such as the latest CCTV security systems.

We tailor our offering to market demands, which means that our stores outperform in their sectors and generate high yields for our investment partners.

Our management team is one of the most experienced in the market offering these services today. Having started, developed and sold numerous sites of our own over the last 15 years we have an inside view of how to Invest, Develop and Manage the process to create both successful self storage and flexible workspace business solutions.

We develop long-term relationships with our investment partners, growing from stage-to-stage from concept to completion. Our combined experience of fifty years allows us to focus with accuracy on key metrics, in turn giving us unrivalled capital return.
Our expertise and vision enable us to innovate in line with long-term market trends. We understand the needs of the self-storage market, and can demonstrate how a cross-section of our existing sites with varying sizes and cost have resulted in their rise market value and return on investment. Why not get in contact with Flexiss Management Services to speak directly to our knowledgeable team?

Turn Vacant Space Into A Profitable Storage Solution?

If you are looking for a flexible storage solution, Flexiss might be the company to help. We can help businesses and consumers use vacant areas in their buildings for storing items. We also rent out the warehouse space to people who need it for other things that they are doing.

We specialize in managing properties that are halfway through construction or have been abandoned because of other issues. Historically, Flexiss has helped revitalize these old retail spaces into successful self-storage facilities.

We have also taken an interest in re-purposing retail spaces by turning them into self-storage facilities. Investors get access to our knowledge, software, training programs, and experience so they know what they are getting themselves into when they get a project off the ground. Investors can also access our online KPI portal and monthly reports so they know how their investment is doing and where it could do better.
We work with partners who want to establish a long-term partnership, which gives them peace of mind about knowing that we’re working on their best interests at all times. Our partners have access to the latest self-storage industry data and market research so they can see what kind of profit margins they’ll be working with on a project.

View our website for more details and to get directly in touch.

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