Whether you’re moving house, looking to create extra space in your home or moving your businesses file archive and equipment to a secure storage unit, taking care of packing your belongings will help the move run smoothly.

Here are some packing tips on how to get the job done right!

Make a Packing List

When using self-storage, it’s helpful to make a packing list to keep track of all the items you intend to store ahead of time. Not only is this great for keeping organised at the time of packing, but it’s also handy when you come to unpack the items at a later date, showing you exactly what you stored at the time (should you forget down the line!)

Use The Right Boxes

Make sure all boxes are strong enough to hold their contents without crushing or tearing. Overloading boxes can cause them to break open. At The Self Storage Company, we provide sturdy, high-quality packing supplies and a range of box bundles to ensure your home or business storage stays protected.

Protect Furniture

Wrapping furniture in packing paper, bubble wrap or transit blankets is critical for protecting items made from wood, mirrors and glass. If possible, remove doors from cabinets or drawers and disassemble larger furniture items to avoid damage and save space.

Wrap Kitchenware Carefully

Kitchen packing is among the most tedious packing orders to complete. Instead of wrapping dishes in packing paper, wrap each one individually with packing paper or bubble wrap for better cushioning. For practicality’s sake, group kitchen items into several different boxes instead of just one or two so it will be easier to unpack them later. This also prevents chipping and breaking due to being dropped during packing or being stacked too high.

Label Boxes Carefully

Make sure boxes are clearly labelled on all four sides so you can quickly determine what’s inside without having to open it up first. Use a marker pen that will not smear or bleed onto the packing materials or boxes to ensure your labels are easy to read. It’s also a good idea to label the box’s contents on the packing paper inside, as well as including a packing list, so you know where everything is in case a box gets misplaced during the move.

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