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Frequently Asked Questions2022-01-25T04:16:33+00:00

If you have any queries, then have a look through our frequently asked questions for an answer!

If you have further questions, you can read our full list of terms and conditions.

If you would like further information, our helpful, friendly teams are more than happy to hear from you to resolve any queries.

Are my goods insured2023-10-31T00:53:21+00:00

Please be advised that your goods are not automatically insured, but we do require they are. We accept some policies you have acquired yourself, providing they are substantial and meet our pre-approved standards. To make the self-storage process more convenient for you, we offer our own direct, bespoke or flat rate insurances, which you can obtain when you acquire a quote.

What is storage insurance?2021-11-29T10:11:49+00:00

Storage insurance is insurance that protects your belongings when kept in a storage facility. It is required both for home storage goods and business storage goods. It is a requirement of all reputable storage facilities, which is why The Self Storage Company offers bespoke insurance options.

Storage insurance covers against common issues that can arise when goods are stored long term, such as:

  •       Theft and/or malicious damage
  •       Water damage of all causes
  •       Damage caused by vermin
  •       Natural disasters such as earthquakes
  •       Fire

A self-storage facility that does not require insurance will not reimburse you should the worst happen, which is why it is so important.

Does storage insurance cover all belongings?2021-11-29T10:11:39+00:00

Storage insurance can cover any items that can be covered by home insurance policies (provided that the goods do not exceed the cover value). This can include personal collections, memorabilia and furniture. Our storage insurance also covers business storage, including stock, office furniture and important documents.

We recommend that you keep a record of everything that you keep in a storage facility as it will help you find reimbursement should it be necessary to do so.

When does storage insurance take effect?2021-12-03T07:32:19+00:00

Storage Insurance Cover typically comes into effect when the goods are stored at the agreed location. Unfortunately, this means that it does not extend to the transportation of goods to and from the facility. For this, you will need Goods in Transit insurance.

Booking storage insurance

To make the self-storage process easier, storage insurance can be purchased when booking a storage unit.  Our insurance covers all eventualities mentioned above, meaning you can have peace of mind when you book through us. If you’d like to know more, call us at 0800 035 7090.

What can’t I store with you?2021-11-29T10:11:22+00:00

Storage of the following items is not permitted at The Self Storage Company:

  •       Food or perishable goods, unless they are securely packed so that they are protected from and do not attract vermin.
  •       Birds, fish, animals or any other living creatures.
  •       Combustible or flammable materials or liquids such as gas paint, petrol (gasoline) oil (diesel), cleaning solvents etc.
  •       Firearms/explosives/weapons ammunition.
  •       Chemicals like radioactive material, biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos etc.
  •       Any item which emits fumes and strong odours
  •       Illegal substances/goods illegally obtained
  •       Compressed gases
How does your up to 50%-off introductory offer work?2023-10-30T15:26:10+00:00

Our reasonably priced, secure managed storage facility is even more affordable by virtue of our introductory offer. We give you up to 50% off your storage costs for up to the first eight weeks after booking – the equivalent of ‘book four weeks, get four weeks free!’ Our discount is applied to your online quote, so to see how much you can save, take a look today!

Terms and conditions:

  •       Up to 50% off for up to the first 8 weeks on standard storage units only
  •       Subject to the availability of storage space at our stores.
  •       Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  •       Any quote offered will be honoured for 4 weeks.
  •       The Self Storage Company reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.
  •       Offers available for new customers only.
  •       Offers are subject to a minimum rental period of 8 weeks.
  •       Offer only usable once per customer per household.
  •       Offer Excludes commercial use.
  •       Excludes office space, student lockers and drive up units.

Offers vary by store, so contact your local facility for more information.

How do your access hours work?2022-01-10T15:40:09+00:00

24 hours access fee

This gives you access to your unit 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact your local Self Storage Company to learn more.

Prefer to speak to someone? Our friendly team are here to help.

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