As the years go by in our busy lives, it’s easy to accumulate many belongings, from old school textbooks to rarely-used electrical appliances, collectables, seasonal decorations, and bags of clothes you’ve been meaning to donate to the charity shop. Decluttering and organising your home can help you reclaim your living space and even improve your mental wellbeing. 

The idea is that if you don’t love the item or need the item, then it’s time to donate it, sell it, or throw it away. However, there is a fourth option when decluttering your home which means you don’t have to let go of items you’d prefer to keep – self-storage! 

Our secure and affordable storage units, ranging from 10sqft to 500sqft, mean you can store anything from spare furniture to your prized sports memorabilia and be sure it will be kept clean, dry and protected. Discover how to declutter your home using our home self-storage units at The Self Storage Company. 

How to declutter your home 

Decluttering your home and organising your belongings to create more space, does not need to be a daunting chore! The best thing to do is to take control of the situation and move through your home room by room, deciding which items and belongings need to stay, what can be sold, donated or thrown away, and what can be put into self-storage! 

Declutter the kitchen area 

The kitchen is often the hub of the home and the best place to start when decluttering. If you have duplicate sets of tableware, kitchen appliances you never actually use, or old cookbooks that have sat unopened for years, then it’s time to let go. 

Clear surfaces and well-organised cupboards and drawers can help to create a productive kitchen space where you’ll enjoy spending time. If you have any special kitchen items you do not have room for but don’t want to lose, for example, the hot ‘hostess trolley’ that only comes out at Christmas, then why not place it into one of our self-storage units ready for the festive season. 

Declutter your living room 

Next, move on to decluttering the living room and other downstairs rooms. Sort through books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, ornaments and decorations and decide what to keep, sell or donate. Our storage units can also be used to store spare furniture, seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, and decorating supplies. 

If you have any collections of items that you would like to keep, such as a comic book or record collection, then consider a home self-storage unit at The Self Storage Company. Our units can be used as a dedicated space to store or exhibit your collection and help save you valuable space at home. 

If you have hobbies such as arts and crafts but struggle to find a suitable workspace at home, then our self-storage units can also be used as a practical workshop where you can keep all of your materials and tools organised and indulge in creating. 

Declutter your bedrooms 

Now you’ve tackled downstairs, it’s time to declutter upstairs. Sort through old toys, duvet sets, and personal items and decide what to keep, donate or throw away. 

One of the hardest parts of your home to declutter is your wardrobe and bedroom cupboards. It’s time to let go of any clothes you no longer wear or don’t fit and to embrace a stylish, capsule wardrobe where you can actually see your full choice of clothing items. 

Any out of season clothes, such as ski jackets in the summer or bikinis in the winter, can be put into storage at The Self Storage Company. 

Declutter your garage and shed 

Once you’re happy with your decluttering efforts across your home, you’ll now need to face the garage or garden shed! 

These spaces can often become full of items you should have dealt with last time you attempted to declutter your home. Our home storage units at The Self Storage Company offer secure storage for items such as bicycles, sports and camping equipment that you’re not likely to need daily. This allows you to use your garage or shed space for functional items you may need regular access to, such as the lawnmower and D.I.Y tools. 

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