Moving home can be one of life’s most stressful life events. From packing up all your belongings to ensuring you’ve booked a moving van for the right time, there can be a lot to do when moving home. However, using self-storage can help you move home and save you time and money in the process! 

Our range of professional home storage units at The Self Storage Company are perfect for use when decluttering your home before a viewing. Using a self-storage unit can also help you to move home in stages and unpack slowly, or in your own time, rather than in one very hectic day. 

If the move doesn’t go as planned due to issues in the buyer’s chain, you can always use self-storage as a temporary solution while you wait for the keys to your new home. You may even choose to store your furniture and specific items while you renovate or decorate your new property and make it your own! 

Take a look below for more ways self-storage can help you move home or find your nearest self-storage facility and book a home storage solution today!

Self-Storage can help you declutter before moving day!

As the moving day approaches, you may be surprised by just how much you own! As many removal companies charge by how long it takes to pack up your household belongings and how many journeys are required, it’s important that you declutter your home and only take what you want to take to your new home. 

Take a look at our 8-step Declutter Process for tips. Decluttering before moving day can help you reduce the cost of moving house and how long it takes as well as making the unpacking process easier at the other end!

Self-Storage can help if you’re in between homes!

If you’re in between homes and staying in temporary accommodation, such as a family member’s home or a short-term rental, until you move into your new home then The Self Storage Company can help! 

If your temporary accommodation lacks space or you don’t want to bring all your personal belongings just to move again, then why not keep the majority of your furniture and possessions in a storage unit for a few months (or weeks) until you receive the keys to your new place?

Self-Storage can help if there are unforeseen issues!

When moving house, not everything is likely to go to plan! Whether there is a problem with a buyer’s mortgage application or you’re left without a removal company, you may not be moving when expected. 

However, self-storage can be a perfect Plan B and a temporary storage solution while the issue is resolved. Our clean, dry and secure storage units at The Self Storage Company will keep your belongings safe and protected until you’re ready to move into your new house.

Self-Storage can help when decorating your new home!

If you’d like to make a house a home or put your stamp on the place, then you may decide to keep your upholstery pieces and other furniture items in storage while you decorate, or even renovate, your new home. 

Whether you’re knocking down internal walls, fitting a new kitchen or decorating throughout your property, why not keep the majority of your household items at The Self Storage Company to avoid paint splashes and brick dust on your furniture?  You can then move into your property at your own pace, room by room when each space is complete and just how you imagined it.

Self-Storage can help if you’re moving overseas or working away!

The moving process can be difficult even if you’re just moving up the road. However, if you’re moving overseas or temporarily for work, you may face some additional challenges. 

Our self-storage facility offers a perfect solution if you’re planning to move abroad as putting your items into short-term storage means you’ll be able to travel and explore your new location and find suitable accommodation before the big move! 

If you’re moving away to work for a year or two and will be staying in furnished accommodation then why not keep bulky items and your furniture protected in a storage unit until your return?

Book a Home Storage Unit at The Self Storage Company

If you’re moving home and require secure and affordable self-storage, The Self Storage offers a great solution at all of our self-storage locations. Easy to choose and even easier to use, our range of home storage units offer convenient self-storage in accessible locations and can help you move home. 

When you choose The Self Storage Company, you’ll benefit from self-storage made simple. Contact The Self Storage Company team at your nearest location to book a home storage unit today and receive up to 50% off your first 8 weeks of storage plus a further 5% discount when you book online using our industry-leading booking tool. 

Our storage units, ranging from 10sqft to 275sqft, allow you to store anything from a few boxes of clothes to larger items and even the entire contents of a 5-bedroom family home, including garden and shed content. 

We also sell a wide range of packing materials at our on-site box shop. Get everything you need for your storage unit with click and collect, such as durable cardboard boxes, fragile tape, packing paper and furniture dust covers.