How to store furniture in Waltham Abbey

How to store furniture in Waltham Abbey

Do you need furniture storage in Waltham Abbey? Whether you require a long-term or short-term storage solution, our self-storage units at The Self Storage Company can ensure your furniture pieces are secure and in good condition.

Why Choose the Self Storage Company for Furniture Storage?

Although you can keep your spare furniture or saved items in your garage, loft space or shed, this may be only a temporary storage solution. To ensure your furniture is secure, clean, dry and protected, choose a home storage unit at The Self Storage Company in Waltham Abbey.

Storing furniture in our Waltham Abbey self-storage units is an ideal solution for many reasons, including if you’re

  • Renovating your Essex property and want to avoid brick dust or paint on your favourite furniture pieces.
  • Decorating your Waltham Abbey home and requiring space to get the job complete.
  • Decluttering your Waltham Abbey home or having a change around for the new season.
  • Renting your home in Waltham Abbey and now need storage for your personal pieces.
  • Moving home and have experienced delays in the buyer’s chain so require temporary storage.
  • Or downsizing but would like to keep your favourite furniture items for the future.

Our home self-storage units in Waltham Abbey can store any furniture pieces from a single armchair to the entire contents of a family home. Our self-storage customers also benefit from a professional security system with site-wide CCTV, intruder alarms, smoke detectors and the support of our self-storage team. We also offer business storage solutions for Waltham Abbey customers who need to store office furniture or retail fittings.

Choose the right sized Waltham Abbey Self Storage Unit

Our range of differently-sized, secure and affordable self-storage units in Waltham Abbey means we can offer an ideal furniture storage solution. Take a look at our helpful self-storage size guide, ranging from 10sqft to 275sqft, for assistance choosing the right-sized Waltham Abbey self-storage unit for your furniture and to avoid any damage.

Our 25sqft storage unit offers the equivalent space of a transit van and is ideal for small furniture storage. One of our largest self-storage units at 275sqft can store the entire contents of a large five-bedroom home, including all of the garden and shed contents, making it ideal for home storage customers who need to store all of their household furniture and personal possessions.

  • Furniture Storage Tips
  • Ensure furniture is dry and clean to avoid damp or mould.
  • Vacuum fabrics to remove debris and crumbs
  • Treat wooden furniture for infestation
  • Use furniture wax after cleaning wooden furniture
  • Use upholstery cleaner on fabrics
  • Polish silver or metal items to reduce tarnish

Buy Storage & Packing Supplies at The Self Storage Company

At The Self Storage Company, we also offer an affordable range of storage and packing supplies to buy online (click and collect) or purchase on-site at our self-storage facility box shop. Take a look at our range of dust covers designed to protect furniture items such as armchairs, mattresses, and sofas while in storage.

Our Waltham Abbey box shop also sells packing supplies such as bubble wrap for protecting fragile items and furniture corners, stretch wrap and loose fill.

Book Furniture Storage in Waltham Abbey

Book a furniture storage solution in Waltham Abbey today, or call our friendly and experienced self-storage team for advice on how to store furniture. Use our simple ‘Get A Quote Now’ service to view our competitive self-storage prices and book furniture storage today! Find The Self Storage Company at Cartersfield Road, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 IJD.

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