At The Self Storage Company, we understand how difficult experiencing a divorce or a relationship breakdown can be, especially in terms of emotional stress, financial strain and practical challenges. That’s why we offer secure and affordable Home Storage to help support you through important life events and unpredictable times. . 

From storing your personal belongings to keeping important documents safe, take a look at these five benefits of using self-storage during a divorce. 


Flexible Storage Plans provide practical & affordable storage during divorce 

Although it will depend on your unique circumstances, you may find yourself moving out of your home or preparing it for sale during the divorce process. You may need to stay in temporary accommodation or find a place to rent until the divorce case is settled and you’re ready to move forward. 

Whatever your situation during the relationship separation, our flexible managed storage plans provide practical and affordable storage during a divorce and can help make the process less stressful. 


Using self-storage during divorce can help to protect your personal belongings 

One of the most painful and time-consuming parts of divorce is the division of assets and ultimately deciding who will keep what. 

Using a secure self-storage unit can help protect your personal belongings. A storage unit can provide you with the peace of mind that your items are together and accessible by you while you sort through any joint purchases and items you’ve acquired together over the years. 


Using self-storage during divorce can help you to prepare for downsizing 

Using one of our home self-storage units at The Self Storage Company, ranging in size from 10sqft to 275sqft, can also help you to prepare for downsizing and ensure you don’t make any hasty decisions regarding which furniture, household goods and personal possessions you’d like to keep. 

If you don’t have the energy or time to de-clutter while separating your possessions from your ex-partners, then using self-storage can provide you with a space to store all of your furniture and possessions and then organise them for moving home at a more suitable time.


Using self-storage during divorce can help reduce friction between you and your ex-partner 

Divorce is always a tense time, even when the need to separate is mutual. However, using a self-storage unit during the divorce process can help reduce friction between you and your ex-partner by removing your belongings from the home and removing the need to regularly visit the home to pick up your items. 

Access to a separate storage space during a divorce or separation can help you move forward in your life and, if you have children, can help minimise the disruption caused in their life as it gives you the space to sort and organise your items away from the family home.  


Using self-storage during divorce can help keep your important paperwork organised 

Depending on the complexity of your divorce case, you may need to store a wide range of important documents, sensitive information, and divorce-related papers. Using a self-storage unit means you’ll have a secure and private space to keep your paperwork organised and will be in a better position to negotiate any issues and make informed decisions about your future.


Separation Storage at The Self Storage Company

Our home storage services at The Self Storage Company allow you to benefit from an affordable self-storage unit during your divorce. As you’ll only ever pay for the storage space required and the duration you choose, you’ll benefit from an affordable storage solution during a time you will be conscious of outgoings and experiencing a lot of unpredictability. 

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Our affordable self-storage units are also ideal for use when experiencing other major life events, such as moving in with a partner, welcoming a new baby, handling a bereavement in the family, downsizing after the children have left home, and retiring. 

Choose the right-sized home storage unit using our innovative online booking tool or call your nearest location. Book self-storage today to receive 50% off your first 8 weeks storage at our self-storage facilities, plus get an extra 5% when you book online. 

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