Are you running a growing business? Whether you’re an online retailer or a local tradesperson, our business storage units may offer the perfect solution. Business storage is ideal for a range of purposes, from storing excess stock to keeping an organised inventory or securely storing your tools and equipment. 

If you’re considering using business storage, here are 8 tips from our experts at The Self Storage Company on how you can make the most of your storage unit. 

Choose the right-sized business storage unit 

When using self-storage, one of the first things you’ll need to do is choose the right-sized business storage unit for your needs so that you can effectively utilise the space.  

At The Self Storage Company, we offer a range of clean, dry, and secure self-storage units available in different sizes from 10sqft, capable of storing up to 15 boxes, to 275sqft, capable of storing up to 400 boxes. Our flexible storage solutions mean you’ll be able to choose the best storage unit size for your local or online business at an affordable price and upsize or downsize when required. 

Create an Inventory of your stock  

If you’re using your business unit to store stock, or even some tools and parts, then a top tip to staying organised is to create a running inventory of your stored items. Your inventory can be as simple or thorough as you require, using anything from pen and paper to spreadsheets or online inventory apps, as long as you are aware of what is going in/out of your unit. 

Keeping an inventory list will help you manage your stock, stay on top of orders, and keep your business storage unit organised.

Organise Stored Items by use 

Another top tip for businesses using self-storage is to organise your business storage by priority. Storing items that you use often or regularly require the item will help you save time and energy as you won’t need to search through the entire unit to find them at the back. 

So, if you’re an online retailer or local retailer, try to keep your best-selling stock at the front of your unit for easy access, and if you’re a tradesperson make sure the tools and equipment you use daily are in easy reach.

Make an Aisle in the storage unit 

You obviously want to make the most of the space in your storage unit but it is still necessary for you to be able to access all of your belongings and move around the unit safely. We recommend making a pathway or an aisle in the storage unit to reach the boxes at the front and the back. 

Use High-Quality Packaging Supplies 

A great tip for using any self-storage unit is to make sure you’re using high-quality packaging supplies to keep your archived documents, stock, or excess products in pristine condition while in storage. For example, make sure you use bubble wrap and avoid using newspaper for more fragile items as the ink can run over time and cause damage. 

Get everything you need to protect your business storage, from durable boxes to loose-fill, at our on-site box and packaging supplies stores at The Self Storage Company facilities or use our click-and-collect service. 

Store Seasonal Stock 

As well as your general inventory, affordable business storage units are also ideal for storing your seasonal stock or excess products until required. A business storage unit is one of the best ways to save space at your business premises or at home and handle any seasonal or increased demand. 

Use your unit as a business location

As well as storing stock or tools in your unit, some larger business storage units are ideal for use as a business location. Whether you’re an eBay retailer, an eCommerce store owner, a local tradesperson, a handcrafter, or an antique specialist, our secure self-storage units provides a private space to catch up on emails, orders and manage the day-to-day running of your business. 

Choose The Self Storage Company 

If you’re looking for innovative and affordable business storage, choosing The Self Storage Company means you’ll benefit from a convenient self-storage location, easy booking process, exclusive discounts and state-of-the-art technology, including CCTV and smoke detectors, to ensure your business storage is safe and secure.  


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