Our office rental service at The Self Storage Company is ideal for any business looking for a convenient, cost-effective and productive work environment. We offer an affordable office rental option with a monthly payment, zero overhead bills and no sneaky business rates! 

So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, here’s everything you need to know about office rental at The Self Storage Company. 

Why choose dedicated office space at The Self-Storage Company? 

Discover the benefits of our modern and purpose-built office spaces in Hemel Hempstead, Waltham Abbey and West Molesey

  • A professional office environment without the distractions of home. 
  • Short-term or long-term office rental, we have the perfect solution. 
  • A range of office sizes to suit your team.  
  • Our convenient TSSC locations are easily accessible for both your employees and clients. 
  • Join a supportive business community, you’ll also benefit from the help of our self-storage team who can accept deliveries on your business behalf. 

Another key benefit of choosing office space for your business at The Self Storage Company is that you can also benefit from on-site storage. Our business storage units range in size from 10sqft to over 200sqft and are ideal for storing all sorts of items, such as business stock, excess products, archived documents, tools, equipment and other assets. 

How much does office rental cost at The Self Storage Company? 

The cost of office rental at The Self Storage Company will vary depending on the size of your team and your budget. However, all of our TSSC business community members benefit from a flexible tenant agreement and professional office space rental for a competitive price. Our service also includes all office and building maintenance, access to a boardroom for meetings and excellent shared bathroom/kitchen facilities. 

What type of businesses can benefit from office rental at The Self Storage Company?

Office space at The Self Storage Company offers an ideal work environment for a wide range of business types. Our office spaces in the Greater London and South East area are perfect, cost-effective solutions for growing businesses with many small to medium businesses choosing to rent our office space when expanding. 

Most types of businesses can benefit from the relaxed yet professional office space at The Self Storage Company. Whatever your business type, from selling products to offering services, you’ll benefit from a productive work environment and a supportive business community. 

How is office space at The Self Storage Company managed?

At The Self Storage Company, our office space clients benefit from a flexible managed tenancy agreement that’s tailored to your business requirements. Our purpose-built office space in Waltham Abbey, Hemel Hempstead and West Molesey offer a modern and purpose-built space at a competitive price without added business rates or utility bills!  

Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, when you choose our office rental service at The Self Storage Company, you and your team will benefit from: 

  • A Flexible rolling monthly agreement
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Tea, Coffee & Espresso making facilities
  • Meeting Room access 
  • Address registration for virtual office/business address
  • The wider TSSC business community 

To find out more about office rental at The Self Storage Company, call your nearest self-storage facility today or complete our online contact form.