Discover The Self Storage Company guide to storing winter clothes during the summer.

If you lack wardrobe space, you may need a place to store your winter clothes, such as puffer coats, thick fleeces and salopettes, in the warmer months so you can access your shorts and t-shirts with ease.

Storing your winter clothes in the garage or attic without correct preparation can result in damp or mouldy clothing items by the time you’re ready to wear your winter gear again. Use our home self-storage units at The Self Storage Company for seasonal storage, and keep your winter clothes clean and fresh until next year!

How do you prepare winter clothes for seasonal storage?

  1. Clean your Clothes

Before placing your winter clothes in seasonal storage, you should ensure that all of your items are clean, even if they don’t appear to be dirty. Make sure all of your winter clothes are laundered to avoid perspiration stains, body oils developing an unpleasant odour and attracting moths in self-storage. Remember to follow the washing instructions for each item, as some clothing may require a hand wash or a dry clean. Only place your washed clothing items into storage once dry.

If possible, repair any damaged pieces of clothing before placing them into a self-storage unit to ensure the item is ready to wear next winter season. This may mean replacing a zipper, sewing a button back on or fixing a rip in the fabric.

  1. Fold your Clothes

Most winter clothes, made from natural fibre fabrics, should be folded before being placed in self-storage. If you’re looking at storing your winter clothes long-term, you may choose to use acid-free tissue in between the folded areas of synthetic fabric items. Plastic storage boxes are ideal for storing winter clothes, but try to avoid packing too many chunky items, such as sweaters, into a single box as mould and mildew may form.

At The Self Storage Company, we offer specialist wardrobe boxes designed to keep your bulky coats and jackets neat and crease-free. All our boxes and packaging supplies are available to click and collect from our on-site shop.

  1. Label your Boxes

We also recommend that you clearly label your boxes, e.g. sweaters or ski wear, when placing your winter clothes into seasonal storage. That way, each time you access your self-storage unit, you’ll be able to find a specific item easily and can avoid spending hours looking for your favourite hat and scarf set.

Seasonal Storage at The Self Storage Company

Our self-storage units at The Self Storage Company are perfect for keeping your winter clothes clean, dry and protected during the summer months. Discover a wide range of storage unit sizes, from 16sqft to over 275sqft, at our self-storage facilities across the UK and benefit from a secure storage space that’s away from direct sunlight and doesn’t experience extreme temperature variations.

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If you’re unsure which storage unit size is best for your seasonal storage needs, take a look at our handy TSSC size guide and discover a storage unit to suit you, whether you’re storing a few boxes of seasonal clothes or your whole family’s winter wardrobe.

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