Whether you’re decluttering, moving house or just need more storage space, our self-storage solutions at The Self Storage Company are easy to choose and even easier to use! 

Keep your stored possessions clean, dry and protected at our professional self-storage facility. Follow our guide to packing for self-storage for best-practice storage methods and make the most of your home storage unit! 

How to pack a self-storage unit

Book a storage unit 

Find your nearest self-storage facility and book a secure and affordable storage unit at The Self Storage Company. Our storage units range in size from 10sqft to over 500sqft! Not sure what storage unit size you need? Take a look at our some of our frequently asked questions on storage unit size and choose the right self-storage solution for your home or business storage needs.  

Create an Inventory 

Before placing your belongings into your storage unit, remember to make a list of all the items or take photos of the contents of your storage space. Creating an inventory can help you to find stored items quicker and easier and, if the unlikely event occurs, can help you to make a self storage insurance claim if necessary. You may also choose to label boxes in storage and make a note of any valuable items. 

Visit The Self Storage Company Box Shop

Buy everything you need to pack your self-storage unit using our click and collect service or visit our on-site packing materials and box shop at The Self Storage Company. Buy our uniform packing boxes to make stacking easier and make the most of the vertical space in your storage unit. We also sell other packing supplies, such as dust sheets to protect your furniture items, packing tape, bubble wrap and fragile tape so you can identify any fragile items.  

Arrange your Storage Unit

When packing a self-storage unit, you should aim to store the heaviest boxes, large appliances and any bulky items first so they will be at the back of the storage unit and not precariously stacked up as you open the door. You should also arrange your storage unit so that any self-storage items that you need regular access to are at the front of the self-storage unit. Creating an aisle in your self-storage unit can also make access to your stored possessions easier.  

Safely Store Furniture 

Packing for self-storage can often mean making the most of your storage unit space and efficiently packing so that you can fit all of your belongings with ease. Safely storing furniture, such as sofas or mattresses, on their end can help to save floor space in the storage.  

What can I use my self-storage space for? 

There are many reasons for using a home self-storage unit, including: 

What should you not pack in a storage unit? 

There are some items that you cannot store at The Self Storage Company, these include: 

  • Food or perishable goods (unless securely packed and protected from vermin / do not attract vermin)
  • You cannot store birds, fish, animals or any other living creatures at The Self Storage Company. 
  • Any combustible or flammable materials or liquids, such as gas paint, petrol (gasoline) oil (diesel), or cleaning solvents.
  • You can’t store dangerous items such as firearms, explosives or weapons ammunition.
  • Chemicals like radioactive material, biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos etc.
  • You cannot store any item which emits fumes or strong odours
  • Any Illegal substances or goods that have been illegally obtained
  • You cannot store any compressed gases in our storage units. 

For more advice on packing for self-storage, contact our experienced and friendly team at The Self Storage Company.  We currently offer professional self-storage solutions in Edgware, Hemel Hempstead, Waltham Abbey, Welwyn Garden City and West Molesey. 

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