Are you looking for an affordable storage solution? There are plenty of options, whether you need to declutter your home, put your belongings into storage while you move, or keep your prized comic collection somewhere safe and protected.

Whatever your reason for needing storage, you must choose a solution to suit you. Take a look at this post from the storage experts at The Self Storage Company and discover the difference between Box Storage and Self Storage in the UK.

What is self-storage?

Self-storage is short for self-service storage. When you choose a self-storage solution, you will be responsible for moving your belongings into the storage unit. 


How does self-storage work? 

Self-storage is a straightforward process. At The Self Storage Company, all you need to do is locate your nearest self-storage facility, choose what storage unit size you require from 16sqft to 500sqft, and then take your stored possessions to the unit. 

Our secure, remote access procedure means you can access your belongings with ease and remove them at any time. We can also arrange access outside the standard opening hours for home and business storage customers.  


What are the benefits of self-storage? 


At The Self Storage Company, we offer a range of self-storage services, including home storage, business storage and student storage. Our secure storage units range in size from 16sqft to 500sqft, and our friendly self-storage experts can help you choose the right-sized self-storage unit for your needs. Flexible managed storage plans at The Self Storage Company mean you can rent a self-storage unit on a long-term or short-term basis to suit you. 



The Self Storage Company has a range of secure indoor self-storage units designed to keep your stored possessions clean, dry and protected. Our remote access procedure means only authorised personnel can access the self-storage facility. Each site also benefits from 24/7 CCTV, individually alarmed storage units, smoke detectors and motion sensor lighting. You can also purchase high-quality boxes and packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, from our on-site box shop to keep their belongings safe. 


Convenient Location & Easy Access

At The Self Storage Company, free 24-hour access seven days a week means you can collect or pick up your stored possessions at a time to suit you. We currently have five conveniently-located self-storage locations across the South of England, close to major UK cities and road networks. Our self-storage solutions are perfect for customers who require regular, easy access to their unit. 


What is Box Storage?   

Box storage means your boxes of possessions will be picked up and taken to a storage facility.


How does Box Storage work?  

When you choose Box storage, the company will send you packing supplies for your stored possessions and then collect the packed boxes the next day. If you want to take your stored belongings out of the box storage facility, you will need to arrange the return of the boxes. The company usually send your stored items to you the next day at a fixed price per box. As a box storage customer, you will pay for the box collection and box return. 


What are the benefits of Box Storage?  

Choosing box storage can be convenient as you won’t need to take your stored possessions to the facility, and the company provides all the packing supplies. It can also prove cost-effective for storage customers who require storage for just a box or two. 


What are the downsides of Box Storage?

One of the major downsides to using box storage is that you will not see your belongings while in storage. As a customer, you may not be sure how secure and protected your stored items are. At self-storage facilities such as The Self Storage company, you can be sure your stored possessions are protected by on-site staff and a state-of-the-art security system. 

Other disadvantages of Box storage are that you cannot have items delivered directly to the storage facility, and you may need to stay in all day for the collection. Many box storage facilities also use third-party removal companies, which can cause issues as there may be an increased risk of your belongings being damaged or lost. 

Unlike self-storage, you won’t benefit from the flexibility of accessing your stored possessions as and when required. You may also experience additional fees, insurance issues, and the ability to store awkwardly-shaped items in a box. 


Book a Self Storage Unit at The Self Storage Company

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