People use self-storage for a wide range of reasons. At The Self Storage Company, we offer secure and affordable home storage, business storage and student storage solutions to suit your needs.

Take a look at these 10 reasons why you should use our self-storage solutions and book a self-storage unit near you! 

Renovating Your Home

According to the Self Storage Association (SSA) UK Annual Industry Report 2021, people renovating their homes are three times more likely to consider using self-storage.

Placing your furniture and household items into storage while you renovate your property will ensure they stay paint-free and don’t get covered in brickdust. You can then take your time moving the furniture back into your home after the renovations are complete, rather than struggling to manoeuvre and decorate around heavy sofas or bookcases.

Moving Home

Moving home is also one of the most common reasons for using a self-storage unit, as it can make the process smoother and less stressful, especially if you’re experiencing delays in the chain!

Our secure home storage units at The Self Storage Company, ranging in size from 10sqft to 200sqft+, are ideal for storing furniture and household possessions while you are in-between homes. Whether you need to store the entire contents of a 5-bedroom home or just a few boxes of belongings, we’ve got the perfect self-storage solution.

Divorce or Separation

The SSA self-storage industry report also revealed that divorced or separated people are twice as likely to use self-storage.

At The Self Storage Company, we offer flexible managed storage plans so you can store any of your furniture or personal possessions while you adapt and adjust to any changes in your life. Our home storage units can be used to keep your belongings safe on a short-term basis if you’re temporarily staying in furnished rental property, and our flexible managed storage plans mean you’ll always benefit from affordable self-storage while you handle your new financial situation.

A Death in the family

A death in the family is the most common life event that people use storage for in the UK, according to the SSA report.

Families often become responsible for a loved one’s property after they pass away. Due to the sale of the home or the probate process, the home clearance sometimes needs to be done quickly. Our spacious and secure home storage units at The Self Storage Company offer an ideal solution and a safe space to store and sort through your family member’s belongings without any rush to decide what to sell or keep.

Small Business Storage

As well as innovative home storage solutions, people also use self-storage for business purposes.

Key findings from the self-storage industry report show that 83% of businesses that use self-storage have less than 10 employees. Our secure self-storage units are ideal for a wide range of small business types, from local retailers to e-commerce stores, start-ups and not-for-profit organisations who need to store stock, excess products, equipment and more.

Tradesperson Storage

As well as storing stock for online retailers or local business owners, self-storage units are also a great solution for local tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, plasterers, joiners and painters.

Tradespeople may use self-storage to keep their tools and equipment safe and secure overnight. It’s even possible to arrange 24/7 access at The Self Storage Company, so you can load or unload your materials and tools at a time that suits you.

Student Storage

Gap years, work placements and home visits during the holidays are all reasons for using self-storage.

At The Self Storage Company, we offer dedicated student storage lockers that are perfect for keeping your university essentials, such as a duvet set, laptop and revision books, safe and secure. Our student storage service can also help you save space at your halls or accommodation!


Decluttering can help you organise your life and thrive in an organised environment. It is the process of sorting through your belongings and deciding what to keep, donate, sell, throw away or place into self-storage.

Our home self-storage units can be used to store any furniture, household items or personal possessions that you don’t have room for at home but also aren’t ready to let go of. Take a look at our range of home storage unit sizes and store anything from a couple of boxes to the entire contents of your home.

Seasonal Storage

Many people use self-storage units for seasonal storage use, such as keeping outdoor garden furniture in good condition during the winter months or storing Christmas decorations and winter clothes throughout the rest of the year.

Using self-storage for seasonal storage also helps you save space in your shed, garage or attic and ensures your belongings can be easily accessed when required.

Hobby Workspace

Some people use self-storage for more alternative reasons, such as a creative workspace for hobbies.

Our secure self-storage units can be used as a space to indulge in your hobby, exhibit your prized collection, whether it’s vintage wines or comics, or safely store your hobby equipment such as fishing rods and golf clubs.

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