As the dark nights creep in, it’s time to accept we may have seen the last of the summer sun for a while. Ideal for seasonal storage, our self-storage units at The Self Storage Company can help you make a smooth transition from summer to autumn. 

Seasonal storage offers a convenient and secure solution for storing seasonal items. Keep your summer belongings safe and secure during the autumn and winter months.

Autumn Storage  

If you have limited space at home, autumn is the perfect season to rotate your belongings! It’s time to put away your summer clothes and summer holiday suitcases and bring out the warm coats and jumpers. However, winter clothes can be bulky and take up a lot of wardrobe space, so why not put your summer clothes in self-storage?

An affordable storage unit can also keep your summer garden furniture, BBQs and outdoor toys safe until the warmer months to avoid any mould or rust developing and to protect them from the elements. 

Our self-storage units at The Self Storage Company can also act as an alternative to a traditional garden shed or garage and be used to keep your bicycle, sports or camping equipment safe. Find out how to keep your garage organised with self-storage.


What seasonal self-storage items can I keep in a storage unit?

Our secure self-storage units offer a perfect storage solution for keeping summer and spring items clean, dry and protected in the colder seasons. Seasonal storage can keep your belongings, from garden furniture to sports equipment, safe while saving valuable space at your home.  

Some of the summer gear you can put into a storage unit at The Self Storage Company includes: 

  • Camping Equipment & Outdoor Gear
  • Lawnmowers & Garden Tools
  • Paddling pools and outdoor toys 
  • Garden Furniture & BBQs 
  • Sports Equipment 
  • Summer Clothes

As well as Autumn storage, a self-storage unit can also be beneficial over the holidays. Here are 5 reasons for using self-storage units at Christmas! 

When using a seasonal storage solution at The Self Storage Company, you’ll benefit from a clean, dry and protected space for your belongings. Remember to organise your storage unit to make the most out of the space and to label boxes for easy identification. 

Rotate your Seasonal Items

Using a self-storage unit means you can rotate your items as seasons change and benefit from easy access to your belongings all year round. Our storage units are perfect for storing holiday-related items such as Eid or Christmas decorations, Halloween props, Easter items and much more, to keep your home clutter-free.    

You may also use self-storage to keep your winter clothes dry and protected during the warmer months. Here is our guide on how to store your winter clothes in self-storage.  

The Self Storage Company storage units can also provide a storage solution for a range of businesses that need to rotate seasonal stock or operate on a seasonal basis, such as events companies and pop-up shops. 

Are you a student? Here are 5 reasons to use student storage in the summer

Discover Seasonal Self-Storage at The Self Storage Company

Whatever your storage needs, our easily accessible self-storage units offer a secure storage space to safely store your items and benefit from more space all year round.

Book a self-storage unit today for up to 50% off your first 8 weeks of storage. We have a range of self-storage units to suit any size, and budget and provide a self-storage service that’s easy to choose, and even easier to use! 

Discover your nearest self-storage location and discover seasonal self-storage at The Self Storage Company!